Investor Relations

Summary of Financial Capabilities

Investor Relations

From an employee base of 90 personnel in 2007, ELSEWEDY Electric PSP’s numbers have grown significantly, to a current workforce of around 1500. Annual revenue has also proven an incredible upward trend, from around US$10 million in 2007, to around US$1.2 billion as of today.

Throughout the last 15 years, ELSEWEDY Electric PSP have been expanding within the MENA region through well-structured and planned growth strategy. Breaking all records that any establishing company could break. ELSEWEDY Electric PSP begun challenging with the top EPC contractors in Egypt and the region, aggressively. Thanks to our strong financial capabilities and these of our holding company, ELSEWEDY Electric , that we’ve been leveraging on and supported us with a competitive edge to allow project finance in Egypt and African countries.


Company Performance

Indicator 31-December-2013 31-December-2014 31-December-2015
Revenues 257,836,006 EGP 579,138,650 EGP 3,711,229,849 EGP
Earnings before Interests and Taxes (EBIT) 75,897,755 EGP 55,883,036 EGP 631,738,901 EGP
Fixed Assets 23,822,875 EGP 24,774,363 EGP 128,687,471 EGP
Current Assets 204,573,909 EGP 269,439,385 EGP 4,144,869,101 EGP
Equity 67,118,686 EGP 57,112,639 EGP 335,974,273 EGP
Current Liabilities 163,892,923 EGP 265,538,696 EGP 3,935,530,940 EGP
Profitability Indicators Year 2013 Year 2014 Year 2015
Gross Margin 36% 13% 17%
Return on Sales (ROS)
Net Profit Margin before interests and taxes
29% 10% 17%
Return on Assets(ROA) 32% 17% 15%
Return on Equity(ROE) 113% 98% 188%
Times Interest Earned (TIE)
Interest Coverage Ratio (displayed as "Times")
30 54 101